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Lightning protection

Fires, failure of production equipment, long and complicated processes for the restoration of engineering systems and cable networks are direct losses from lightning strikes and thunderstorm potentials .

Avoiding the risk of material losses Florian-T offers with the help of modern systems for receiving, diverting and grounding lightning power, which do not require considerable time for installation, large area, additional equipment for installation.
Lightning protection is not only a protection against direct lightning (external lightning protection), but also protection from pulsed overvoltages and interference in electrical networks and communication equipment, data transmission, control and measurement, and signaling (ie, internal lightning protection).
Complex of modern means of external and internal lightning protection provides:

protection of people;
protection of objects from thermal and mechanical damage;
protection of electrical equipment from electromagnetic action;
high level of electrical safety.
System optimization for a particular object, integrated security of engineering networks, professionally-selected materials - is a reliable protection of industrial and public buildings against destruction and ignition as a result of lightning bursts. This is a guarantee of uninterrupted operation of electrical equipment, telecommunication systems, data transmission systems, television, video and satellite systems.
Florian-T LLC designs European systems for protecting buildings and structures from lightning bursts - multi-functional kits based on factory products for receiving, diverting and grounding lightning. Such systems provide reliable protection against direct lightning and impact of thunderstorm potential.

Florian-T Ltd. has its own electrical laboratory and performs work of high danger.
Works in existing power plants up to 1000 V at the following measurements:
Measuring electrical resistance of insulation:
power cable lines up to 1000 V;
AC electric motors up to 1000 V;
welding transformers;
semiconductor transducers;
electrical installations, apparatus, secondary circuits and wiring up to 1000 V;
power tools, distribution and lowering transformers, portable electric lights, extension cables.
Measurement of electrical resistance of earthing devices:
air lines up to 1000 V;
electrical installations up to 1000 V;
circle between earthing and grounding elements;
circle between the grounded installation and the grounded installation elements;
specific electrical resistance of soil;
checking of protection operation in electrical installations up to 1000 V at a power supply with a grounded neutral (measuring short circuit electric current).

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