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Fire protection of wood and cloth


Traditionally, wood is a combustible, and the rapid spread of fire by wooden structures (bearing elements of the roof, walls, bearing beams of the building) actually determines their fire danger. Therefore, the fire protection of wooden structures should turn wood into a hard-core material, which is destroyed only in the zone of direct influence of fire.

Fire protection of wood products can be provided with structural solutions, which include facing with insulation materials, a device for fire barriers, as well as treatment with the use of special fire-retardants (impregnation, coatings, paints, varnishes, etc.).
Fire retardant fabric treatment
In order to prevent the outbreak of wood, we use materials with high fire protection efficiency: «Phoenix DP», «Phoenix» («A + B», Russia), «Endoderma HT 150», «Endoderma 400201» («Special materials», Ukraine). When in contact with the fire covering swells, forming a fireproof insulation layer, which for a certain time does not allow wood to reach the temperature of ignition.
We use special impregnations to protect fabrics that also belong to flammable materials. They primarily reduce the combustibility of tissue, which allows them to be used in educational institutions, hotels, etc.