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Fire safety systems

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Observation of fire automatics


Observation of fire automatics

We will provide the whole complex of technical means, intended to transmit in the given form reports on the occurrence of fires and the technical condition of the installations of fire automatics (fire fighting, fire alarm, smoke removal) from the fire protection object to the point of connection of the regular parts of the fire and rescue service, and as well as their reception, processing, transmission and registration.
For monitoring of fire automation systems, we use the centralized fire surveillance point "V 50-RTX LLC" TransSat "based on the software" Guard ".
The transmission of the "Fire" and "Malfunction" signals from the objects to the central fire control panel is carried out by channels: dial-up telephone line, radio channel and GSM / GPRS communication channels.
The room of the fire control panel is equipped with everything necessary for reception of alarm messages, their processing and taking measures, namely:
    • to duplicate the received signal on the telephone line to the operational dispatch service of the State DPSU of Ukraine in Vinnytsia region;
    • notify the object of receiving a message;
    • send an operational group at the address given to find out the reasons for receiving the alarm signal;
    • to call the next electrical engineer of the fire alarm system for the elimination of the malfunction in the fire automation of objects.