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or 10 facts from the life of Florian-T company

18 years as an instant!  When dreams became goals, and goals were achieved with success, then it came to the understanding that we are on the right track. Over the years, we have worked a lot: on projects, on development, on oneself. Our fire systems are installed in the largest shopping centers of the city, in powerful industrial facilities, factories. Such super-tasks have made us stronger, more assembled and professional.

Power of trust. In the jubilee year we are proud of the developed partnership with leading companies and enterprises, whose trust we have deserved for 18 years and appreciate everything. And for them, fire protection is first and foremost a modern and reliable security system from Florian-T. Choosing a client, we choose our future!

Power of training. Our team has achieved great skill in learning: both in Ukraine and abroad. And thanks to the implementation of quality management system in accordance with international standards ISO 9001: 2015, our customers receive absolute quality services.

Own management model. All our divisions function for the same purposes, all work processes - registered and regulated, each work area - accountable. The team is a true experience of our company, as well as clients for whom this team also works.

Find your way and stay on top of it! From this life principle we started our journey, but our path is rather complicated. And yet multifaceted, over-responsible and elected deliberately. That is why we have become better for our clients!

Leadership, success, reputation. We have a powerful production base, a comfortable office, the best specialists. But this result is not instantaneous: a lot of attention was given to finding the right people, their training. And most importantly: we learned to take responsibility for leadership.

Favorite work is a bright holiday! We announce a new form of leisure every year to the birthday of the company. Games of patriots, competitions in the pioneer camp, sincere songs near the fire, Christmas parties, a trip to Bukovel, Krakow is a team development, a tradition, a humor, a grip that unites us.

Communication strategy. With an individual approach, understanding needs, we build customer relationships, creating for each our own cooperation strategy. Commercial negotiations sometimes reminiscent of the signing of the EU accession agreement, and then the period of implementation of the "Minsk agreements" comes in, in our case, the terms of implementation, equipment supply and construction readiness ... In short, working with the client, we work on ourselves.

Our vision. For 18 years we have achieved the respect of our clients, they trust us the most valuable security of our property. For all the agreements entered into and bear the absolute responsibility, and the main task for us is not to stop. Our development is not in the growth of the list of services, but in the strengthening and strengthening of different areas and even greater professional skill of workers.

Together for a safe future! In the future we go along with clients, with faith in our common cause, with the desire to form a new culture of security and new social thinking, in which there is a place of concern for human life