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Fire alarm

As a rule, it is impossible to guarantee the complete avoidance of a fire. Upon flares, the fire spreads unevenly: the non-intense in the first minutes the sunburns into an avalanche-like process. Therefore, our company is invariably guided by the principle: the sooner the fire is detected, the less damage will be from it. Fire protection of buildings and structures, as well as people who are there, is achieved by installing automatic fire alarm systems.

Automatic fire alarm is a set of technical facilities installed on an object for the detection of fire, processing, submission in the form of a fire notice on this object of special information and (or) giving commands to enable automatic fire extinguishing systems and technical equipment.
The system of automatic fire alarm consists of fire detectors, which are included in the signal line of the control and acceptance device, communication lines. Fire detectors transform the manifestations of fire (heat, light, flame, smoke) into an electrical signal, which lines of communication goes to the control and reception device. This device receives information from fire detectors, generates a signal of a fire or malfunction, transmits this signal to other devices (for example, switches on automatic fire or smoke extinguishing systems).
In our work, we use detectors with a different reaction to display the combustion process:
heat that responds to a certain temperature and (or) the rate of its rise: "Briz-11" ("Alai", Ukraine);
smoke reacting to aerosol combustion products: "SPD-3.0", "SPD-3.2", "SP-2.1", "SP-2.2" ("Arton", Ukraine), "SP-1T", "SP- 3T "(Tiras, Ukraine);
flames reacting to the electromagnetic radiation of the flame: "IP-B", "IP-VV" ("Meridian", Ukraine).
The choice of priority fire detectors is made on the basis of characteristic features of premises, manufactures and technological processes.
Florian-T Ltd. designs the automatic fire alarm system Siemens (Switzerland), Polon Alfa (Poland), Photon (Ukraine), Buchansky VEDA Plant (Ukraine).
Due to the design of fire alarm systems, efficient operation of the enterprises is ensured and a safe atmosphere in the living space is created.

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