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Alert alert

Alarm transmission system is a system used to transmit information on the state of one or more alert systems between surveillance zones and one or more alert notification centers.

Florian-T Ltd designs the notification system using the TV signaling system of the programmed "Virial-RFM".
Local remote "Virial-RFM" is intended for reception and processing of messages in fire protection complexes of the average information capacity.


The remote provides:

  • Receiving messages from receivers of all types, having RS-485 interface, working in the protocol Virial-RFM;
  • decrypt and convert messages into a text view;
  • possibility of handling operator alarms;
  • logging incoming messages to nonvolatile memory; _2 _
  • logging incoming messages to the printer;
  • support for object database;
  • buffering messages for the program "Sentinel";
  • remote operator mode.
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