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28 March 2018, 14:09
Get ready! The government allowed the DSNs to carry out routine inspections

The Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Emergency Situations to check all pre-school, educational and public institutions


Today, March 28, the Prime Minister of Ukraine instructed Ministry of Internal Affairs and State Emergency Services check all pre-school, educational and public institutions .

"We need a very strict fire safety control system. We made a decision to allow DSNs to check schools, kindergartens, places of accumulation of people for safety. From the Government, I instruct the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the DSNC, along with other authorities, local authorities, to begin a large-scale examination of shopping centers, cinemas, schools, kindergartens, children's clubs ", - said Vladimir Groisman.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine stressed that special attention should be paid to fire alarm and fire extinguishing agents.

"We will make information related to fire safety, absolutely public. Also, SNSS will be obliged to make a state register of compliance of public institutions for safety ", - he said.

Recall that by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 18.12.2017 № 1104 The State Emergency Service is partially withdrawn from the moratorium.

Thus, the State Tax Inspectorate and its territorial bodies, the Government has given the green light on the implementation of state supervision (control) in relation to health improvement and rest facilities for children, boarding schools, pre-school establishments, general secondary education, vocational (vocational) education, specialized education, as well high risk subjects (including objects of fuel and energy, military-industrial complexes, objects of high danger, chemical-dangerous objects and high-altitude objects construction).

As inform at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the ruling extends to such objects as shopping and entertainment centers, as well as other objects with massive stay of people who are high risk subjects and will be checked in accordance with Approved chart .

The annual plan for the implementation of measures of state supervision (control) of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies for 2018, as amended by the Resolution No. 1104, has already been made public on the official web portal of the SNSN . It has 38,361 enterprises and entrepreneurs .