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Video surveillance and burglar alarms

In our time, no, even small and insignificant in terms of security, the object should not be left without a round-the-clock surveillance of the video surveillance system. The correct location of the television cameras will allow you to get complete information about everything that happens in the respective premises.

The CCTV security systems we install are high-tech and reliable. Black or white or color image, optimal configuration, construction of both simple and more complex video surveillance systems - we will get the equipment for any of your needs.
Our company creates digital and analog video surveillance systems based on equipment from well-known foreign and domestic manufacturers (). Security TV allows you not only to observe the subject, but also to view past events. The depth of the archive of modern systems of digital video surveillance is virtually unlimited (from 1 day to several months).
Video registrar "FLORIAN-T" employs CCTV systems using modern materials and high-reliability technologies.
Concerning the security alarm system, its installation is necessary in the first place in order to preserve the commodity-material base of enterprises and the impossibility of unauthorized entry into the territory or premises. The choice of a security alarm - intrinsically guarded, anxious or perimeter - is carried out on the basis of the wishes and needs of the customer. Our experience in the field of security alarm installation is of paramount importance for maximizing the safety of the system during operation.

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