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Technological safety

Scientific and technological progress, the rapid development of various industries, the use of human fire, explosive, toxic and even radiation substances caused the emergence of the recently unknown concept - "technogenic safety."

Technogenic safety (technogenic safety) covers fire, explosion safety, safety of life, labor protection, environment, and considers them not isolated, but in a complex.
Only Vinnytsya oblast has 619 potentially dangerous objects and objects of high danger that are subject to the system of early detection of emergencies and alert people in case of their occurrence, ie the system of technogenic safety.
The system of technogenic safety extends to potentially dangerous objects during their construction, expansion, reconstruction, technical re-equipment, overhaul, change of functional purpose, as well as on objects being exploited.
The task of this system is to automatically detect at the initial stage the threat of an emergency situation at the facility (ammonia discharge, gas, flood of explosive and flammable liquids) and to alert staff and the population that is in danger areas of possible damage. Therefore, an urgent need in our company was to create a subsidiary company Safeti Group, which is engaged in this area of ​​work.
LLC "Florian-T" designs the system of technogenic safety and guarantees the complete protection of the population, territory, objects from the negative consequences of emergency situations of technogenic content.

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