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Fire protection of metal

Metal constructions, which are currently popular building materials, allow for a short period of time to build high-quality buildings. But even the metal has a drawback - sensitivity to fire and high temperatures.

When heated quickly during a fire, metal structures in 15-40 minutes lose their strength and resistance more than half, and at the further effect of temperatures, they collapse completely!

Target protection - slow down the heating of the metal during a fire and save the structure for a given time. This is achieved by the creation on the surface of heat-insulating screens that withstand high temperatures and direct effects of fire. Depending on the level of fire protection of metal structures, solutions that provide the effectiveness of fire protection from 30 minutes to 3 hours: "Phoenix STS", "Phoenix STV" ("A + B", Russia); «Endoderm-220206» («Special materials», Ukraine).

By the way, such treatment is not an obstacle to the aesthetic appearance of the premises: most fire retardant coatings are decorative and are applied on visible surfaces, such as evacuation paths and in places where people are staying.

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