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Fire extinguishers (recharging fire extinguishers)

Fire extinguisher is a technical means intended to stop combustion by supplying extinguishant contained in its body under the action of excess pressure. By weight and design execution the fire extinguisher is suitable for transportation and use by a person.

Powder extinguisher (ПП) - fire extinguisher with charge of fire-extinguishing powder. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher (VVK) - a fire extinguisher with a charge of carbon dioxide.
Traditionally fire extinguishers consider primary means of fire extinguishing, forgetting about the termination of their operation. Therefore, to ensure the reliability and performance of the fire extinguishers, we technically serve them during the operation, in order to detect possible malfunctions in a timely manner and eliminate them by identifying the causes.
Fire extinguisher
Maintenance of the fire extinguisher is a complex of measures aimed at checking the fire extinguisher and ensuring its efficiency in standby, destination, transport and storage or decision-making on repair or decommissioning.
Fire extinguishers shall be subject to maintenance in case of damage or absence of marking, seal or locking device on them, mechanical damage and traces of corrosion, absence of working pressure in the case, after the warranty period of operation or storage, after its intended use, and also with onset the term of the next maintenance.
Filling of fire extinguishers "FLORIAN-T" - is not the only company in the region that technically maintains fire extinguishers, restoring their qualitative indicators. Our service point for fire extinguishers has the necessary production areas and technological equipment and trained specialists. The execution of all works meets the requirements of the current legislation.
Technical diagnostics of the fire extinguisher.
Stage of maintenance of the fire extinguisher, the purpose of which is to determine the technical condition of the extinguisher, to find a malfunction and to make a decision as to its repair, technical inspection, recharging or completion of its operation.
Fire extinguisher repair.
Stage of maintenance of a fire extinguisher, the purpose of which is to replace damaged and (or) worn parts and unsuitable components of a fire extinguisher.
Charge of the extinguisher
Stage of maintenance of the fire extinguisher, the purpose of which is to replace the charge of extinguishing agent and (or) a gas extruder in its body.
Technical inspection of the fire extinguisher
Stage of maintenance of the fire extinguisher, the purpose of which is to establish the absence of damage, the suitability of the body and / or the gas cylinder with the exhaust gas, check them for the strength of the hydraulic test and decide on the possibility of their further operation.

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