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Fire safety systems

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Fire extinguishers (recharging fire extinguishers)

Fire extinguishers put into operation must undergo maintenance (recharge), which ensures the readiness of the fire extinguishers for use. Maintenance includes: inspection, testing, refueling, charging, repair, checking the tightness of the fire extinguisher and painting (if necessary). After repair, recharging fire extinguishers according to their technical characteristics are not inferior to new ones. The recharger of the extinguisher must be carried out strictly within the prescribed time.

Florian-T Ltd provides technical maintenance of powder and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers of any brand.

Technical maintenance (reloading) of fire extinguishers , internal fire cocks (PCs), fire cabinets, all kinds of works.

And also the sale of fire extinguishers and firefighting equipment (scrap, bagpipes, bottoms, etc.), safety stickers.

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