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Fire safety systems

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Fire alert

Panic - is not the first enemy in a fire. Especially in crowded premises: shops, shopping malls, factories, etc. To handle an uncontrolled crowd helps timely and proper alert about the fire. Detection of a fire in the moment of its occurrence can be made by either the person who is nearby or the system of automatic fire alarm.

However, fire alarms are used to alert people to a fire altogether. Very effective in timely alert people and ensuring their evacuation during the fire are centralized alert systems, which can, in particular, transmit the necessary text messages.

In addition, in the event of a fire due to smoke, the search for evacuation and evacuation exits is considerably more difficult. Therefore, in many buildings, we establish special evacuation lighting and light indicators for equipment outlets from floors and buildings.
Florian-T Ltd. designs modern high-quality fire alarm systems of domestic and foreign production, in particular VELLEZ (Ukraine), Bosch (Germany).
Designing a notification system requires almost every enterprise to ensure increased safety of people. And in especially large rooms, the design of such a system involves the creation of several warning zones that will inform people about the urgent evacuation.

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