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Fire safety systems

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Access control

Access control

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  • Avoid third parties entering the territory of the company. The system displays a person's photo on the monitor, passes through the passage, passes employees strictly according to the schedule of work of this category of personnel, as well as keeps a record of working time.

  • Carry out automatic access to different premises only those employees of the company that are included in the list of admitted passage in each of the controlled premises.

  • To form a protocol of events.

Training on fire safety

_12 _ Special training of officials on fire safety issues. Conducted for managers (enterprises, departments, shops, sections) with a periodicity of once every 3 years. According to the received knowledge and the Certificate, officials have the right to conduct fire briefings for subordinate personnel.

Transmit alarm alerts

A project for a system for transmitting alert notifications (hereinafter - SPTS) can be developed as a separate, in the case of output signal from the existing SDR, as well as in the SDR draft separate section and contain the following sections: explanatory note, drawings (premises plans, connection schemes , placement of equipment, etc.) in the absence of a project for mounting an SDR.

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